Chris Grayling mocked after Labour MP references his failed ferry deal by shouting 'ahoy there' during Commons debate

In recent weeks Chris Grayling's already precarious position as transport secretary has been under intense scrutiny following the bungled ferry deal with Seabourne Freight, a company that had no ferries whatsoever.

Grayling's department has also come under the microscope in the past few days after they negotiated a £33 million settlement to Eurotunnel. This was heightened whenever another minister took his place in the Commons on Monday.

However, he was back in the Commons on Tuesday and was immediately subject to ridicule from opposition MPs. This came in the form of a nautical remark aimed in Grayling's direction from Paula Sherriff, the Labour MP for Dewsbury.

John Bercow, who was introducing an emergency debate on the no-deal ferry contracts, began by saying:

It's my very clear understanding from the secretary of state is that he wishes to speak in the debate and I think my expectation is that the secretary of state will speak early in the debate.

However, Bercow was interrupted by Sherrif, who yelled across the Chamber, in Grayling's direction.

Ahoy there!

There's no doubt that this was a clear reference to Grayling's failed contract and although we're sure it raised a few smiles in the Commons, Bercow was quick to admonish her comment.

Order! There is no need for the honourable member for Dewsbury to chunter 'ahoy there' from a sedentary position. Very eccentric behaviour. 

It's not the sort of thing I would have ever done as a backbencher I'm sure. Anyway, we'll leave it there. 

The Commons then erupted in laughter and Twitter also found it to be very amusing.

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