Schools should teach the value abstinence and celibacy, says Church of England. This is what sex experts think

Pupils should be taught that abstinence and celibacy are "positive life choices".

At least according to the Church of England, which also said in a blog post that "healthy relationships and sex are gifts from God and should bring joy".

The blog, written by the Church's chief education officer, the Rev Nigel Genders, goes on to say that Christians understand "marriage as the context for sexual relationships, as well as the understanding of abstinence and celibacy as positive life choices".

His comments come in response to government consultation on what content should be included in the teaching of relationships and sex education (SRE) after the Department for Education said current guidelines were "out of date".

What no one disagrees with is that SRE is underperforming in the UK - with girls regularly facing sexual harassment in school and 78,000 new STI new diagnoses for 15 to 19-year-olds in 2015.

Under legislation passed last year, relationships education is now compulsory in all primary schools, while sex and relationships education is compulsory in secondary schools.

To find out if the Church's suggestion is a good idea, we talked to sex education experts.

Here's what they said.

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