An image depicting rubbish left on behind by climate change protestors in Australia has gone viral and there’s one problem: It is a hoax.

The photograph shows plastic bags and bottles strewn across a park, and critics of Extinction Rebellion have descended on the image and used it to condemn the group, which came to being after Greta Thunberg’s stratospheric rise as a leading anti-global warming activist.

It is a fake image.

The photo was debunked in April by the investigative website Snopes.

The photograph has been misidentified. It does depict rubbish left behind in Hyde Park, London – not Australia – and is not a result of the aftermath of a climate change protest.

The image was taken following the end of 420, a day celebrating marijuana. Not a climate change protest.

According to the debunking website, Extinction Rebellion had been in Marble Arch nearby for a global warming protest.

Confusion appears to have originated from a post on the Facebook page THTC which talked about the climate change protest. It read:

This is #HydePark after #420. Ashamed is not the word. With #extinctionrebellion not yards away, so many of you couldn’t be bothered to clean up after yourselves.

Ironic for a movement that holds a plant in such high regard. #cannabiscommunity you can do better – you need to do better.

Shortly after there was this important edit:

IMPORTANT EDIT: a lot of people are misreading this post. This was the aftermath of Hyde Park 420 – and was *cleaned up* by Extinction Rebellion crew.

THTC is nothing but supportive of XR. Please read *all* the post copy before flying off the handle, people…

EDIT: Posted this in the comments, but all this ended up being cleaned up by a crew from Extinction Rebellion, which included the absolute eco-warrior legend, Swampy!

Extinction Rebellion confirmed this on its Twitter page:

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