KTLA reporter Mary Beth McDade
KTLA reporter Mary Beth McDade
KTLA screengrab

It's summer, and this means lots of creepy crawlies fly out of the woodwork - literally.

For reporter KTLA reporter Mary Beth McDade, 'twas the seventh level of hell.

The California-based journalist had been preparing for a segment in the evening when a large cockroach made a surreptitious dive for her.

She noticed the critter. Quickly evaluated her options.

Reporter Mary Beth McDadeReporter Mary Beth McDade

And responded suitably:

Greg, a man from behind the camera came to try and get the cockroach off, realised it was in area off-limits to anyone other than a significant other, and went away again.

And though she tried to compose herself, we’re not sure Mary managed it.


KTLA screengrab


KTLA screengrab


KTLA screengrab

HT Marcus Wilson-Smith/Twitter

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