Conservative MP asks Twitter why civil partnerships can't extend to siblings and the people answered him

BBC screengrab and Twitter

A Conservative MP became the centre of jokes on Twitter after he asked why siblings couldn’t also legally become civil partners.

Referring to the government’s recent decision to legalise mixed-sex civil partnerships, he posed the following bizarre question:

Why should siblings who’ve lived together for years have to pay estate duty when one dies? See Lord Lexden’s bill earlier this year.

Edward Leigh is referring to HL Bill 25, which seeks to amend the Civil Partnership Act 2004 to including “sibling couples” who have lived together for 12 years or more, introduced by Lord Lexden.

Still, the tweet was ripe for the picking and people couldn’t help but point out its silliness.

The tweet elicited lots of giggles.

And the jokes kept coming.

What isn’t funny is his 20 year anti-LGBT+ voting stance. He voted against equal rights 22 times and for them just once.

In 2000, Sir Edward campaigned to save Section 28, which banned schools in England and Wales from ‘promoting’ sexuality, and repeatedly voted against the Marriage (same sex couples) Bill in 2013.

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