Why conspiracy theorists are blaming Turkey earthquake on US government

Turkey, Syria deadly earthquakes: Through the horror and desperation, rare scenes of …

Fringe conspiracy theorists are sure there is a more sinister reason behind the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria - and they’re blaming the US government.

On social media, several people have proposed evidence-free theories that the government caused the 7.8-magnitude quake with a device known as HAARP.

HAARP, or High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program, is an ionospheric research program funded by the US military, government, and University of Alaska that is often subject to conspiracy theories.

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The program is dedicated to analysing the ionosphere for technological advancements by using a high-frequency transmitter.

Conspiracy theorists have often claimed HAARP causes earthquakes or triggers other natural disasters although these claims are unfounded.

But that hasn’t stopped people from claiming the project is behind the earthquake that has taken the lives of at least 5,000 people.

One Twitter user claimed a strike of lightning before the Earthquake “always happen in [HAARP] operations” saying the earthquake “looks like a punitive operation by NATO or the US.”

But actually, the lightning may be part of a phenomenon known as “earthquake lights” something that occurs before a volcanic eruption, earthquake, or tectonic stress.

It is unclear if the video is "earthquake lights" or physical disruptions to the power grid.

Another Twitter user said there is “no such thing as coincidence” and used Turkey’s recent blocking of NATO’s expansion as the motive behind the earthquake.

Experts and officials have disputed conspiracy theories related to HAARP over the years, saying there is no possibility the high-frequency device could cause an earthquake.

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