Converse dropped trans-themed shoes and people are losing their minds


Pride season is coming up, which means good vibes, happy people and streets decorated with many colourful flags.

And now, those attending can even wear these flags on their shoes, as Converse just introduced its latest LGBTQ Pride sneaker line and people are totally obsessed.

Most notably, the collection also includes sneakers modeled after the Transgender Pride flag, which currently retail or $80 (£61). This is the first time Converse has a trans-specific sneaker.

Advocates for the Trans community have long complained that gay and lesbian people dominate the LGBTQ movement, which is why a shoe that recognises the Trans community specifically is symbolic of a larger cultural shift.

It's safe to say that people were beyond excited about the new release, taking to Twitter to thank the company for making the colourful shoes.

Next time you're at a Pride festival, be sure to also look at all the colourful new kicks everyone will be rocking.

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