Brexit should be postponed indefinitely due to coronavirus, Lib Dems claim

Brexit should be postponed indefinitely due to coronavirus, Lib Dems claim
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Is it possible that amid the chaos and fatalities, ONE good thing could come of coronavirus? Perhaps... it seem the crisis could spare us from Brexit (at least for a bit).

The Liberal Democrats have said the government should pause trade talks and extend the transition period in a bid to deal with the virus sweeping the globe. As recently as last week, Boris Johnson claimed the situation was his “top priority” and yet he postponed a meeting of the Cobra committee until the start of this week. It’s almost like he’d not to be trusted.

Acting party leader Ed Davey said:

Boris Johnson has been conspicuous by his absence during the flooding crisis, and has failed to show the leadership required over a threat as serious as coronavirus. Only yesterday the health secretary admitted that stockpiles for mitigating the damage of a no-deal Brexit were being redirected for the coronavirus threat, even though last week ministers confirmed a no deal Brexit could now come as early as this June.

He added, in no uncertain terms:

If a no deal Brexit were to occur in the middle of a Coronavirus epidemic it would be a recipe for disaster. Lives could be put at risk, as the NHS and medical supplies could snap under the pressure. Rather than obsessing with his own self-imposed Brexit deadlines, the prime minister must wake up, and recognise that it's better to be safe than sorry.

Could there be yet another Brexit delay in store? The Liberal Democrats certainly hope so although ideally not as a result of a global pandemic.

It's unclear how long this could take.

Scientists believe the warmer weather could see cases of the disease decrease before things take a turn for the worse when the colder weather returns. Experts think a vaccine is likely 18 to 24 months away, so this might not come in time for some of the more ardent Brexiteers.

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