By now you’ve probably seen photos and videos circulating of people across America protesting stay-at-home orders which are designed to stop the spread of coronavirus.

President Trump was widely criticised for appearing to encourage protesters in Minnesota, Virginia and Michigan earlier this week as tensions continue to rise amid the economic fallout from the coronavirus crisis.

A viral image also caught a healthcare worker bravely blocking anti-lockdown protesters, and another captured a rather confused California protester carrying a sign that read “Covid-19 is a lie” while wearing full protective gear.

Judging by some of the videos that have spread across social media, some of these protests look quite big.

But new footage suggests that not all of these protests are as large as the protesters might want us to believe...

The above footage, which went viral on social media, is from a protest in Ohio.

But it looked much, much bigger in close-up pictures found on Getty Images, like this one:

Although any protest is undoubtedly frustrating and potentially dangerous, given how quickly coronavirus can spread, it’s a relief that not all of them appear to be huge at this stage. Hopefully, despite Trump's apparent endorsement, they'll continue to be fringe events.

New polling also revealed that the majority of Americans don’t support the protesters. So that's some good news.

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