Football-loving bride and groom to watch Euro 2020 final at wedding reception

<p>Couple to get married on the same day as the Euro 2020 final</p>

Couple to get married on the same day as the Euro 2020 final

A couple celebrating their wedding on Sunday will incorporate the “historic” Euro 2020 final into their big day.

Lois Gardner and Tom Farnie, both 27, booked their wedding a year and a half ago and chose to add a screen to their venue when they realised the final would be on the same day.

“Although we hope for a win, the historic moment of this final is enough for us to have an incredible day no matter the outcome,” Ms Gardner told the PA news agency.

“We opted for a screen a couple of months ago when we knew the final was happening.

“It was always a must, the moment they announced the date.

“We always hoped we would make it to the final but didn’t really expect it.”

Couple to get married on the same day as the Euro 2020 final

The couple, from south-east London have had previous clashes between their wedding plans and the football, with Mr Farnie’s stag night falling on the day of the quarter-final.

Ms Gardner, a Chelsea fan, and Mr Farnie, who supports Newcastle both plan to watch the England match during their wedding reception.

“Due to Covid which has limited what we can do, we have the repurposed dance floor now as the football room and will have other entertainment elsewhere across the venue for those who don’t want to watch,” Ms Gardner said.

“We have actually sent out a message via our wedding website encouraging fans to wear their shirts and bring flags.

“Tom has his shirt ready and I’ve got a flag to wrap around my wedding dress like a shawl.

“It’s a gorgeous barn venue so we were originally keeping decorations simple, but I will be putting a flag up at the entrance and a couple in the room with the TV.”

Ms Gardner said that if England win the final “the drinks would be on us”, but that they are proud of the team’s progress regardless of the outcome.

She added: “We are certainly backing our boys all the way but truly are just so proud they’ve made it this far.

“The biggest day of our lives could be even bigger than we thought.”

England will take on Italy in the Euro 2020 final on Sunday July 11 at 8pm.

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