For over ten years, a mysterious giant “monster” crocodile has been evading Australian wildlife authorities. Finally, rangers have captured the legendary saltwater croc.

The giant crocodile, which measures 4.7 metres in length and weighs over 600 kilograms, has long mystified visitors and locals at the Katherine River.

But Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife rangers have finally captured the illusive beast, which was removed to “prevent human interaction in more populated areas”. A trap, which was cleverly laid in the Katherine River, ended the croc’s remarkable run of avoiding capture.

Although it may seem cruel to take the croc out of its natural environment, it can be very easy for large crocodiles to enter populated areas undetected and cause harm to humans.

After examination, officials determined that the croc is around sixty years old. A video of the creature being strapped down to avoid stress was uploaded online. But beware, you might be too scared to visit Australia after watching.

Though this giant croc isn’t even nearly the biggest to be caught in Australia. In 1974 a 6-meter-long saltwater croc was captured. This one, however, was driven to a crocodile farm outside of Katherine, where he will likely become a tourist attraction.

With other monster crocs out there, it’s definitely not safe to get back in the water.

HT: IFL Science

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