This is why you should never ask someone about the ‘gap’ on their CV

This is why you should never ask someone about the ‘gap’ on their CV
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Writing a CV can be tricky.

It's even harder if you've got a noticeable gap in employment.

Of course, there's a whole range of reasons as to why that gap might exist: mental health issues, caring responsibilities, redundancy, simply wanting to take some time off.

Many of these reasons are, quite frankly, deeply personal.

Yet, frustratingly, employers always seem to ask about the 'gap'.

One Twitter user desperately wants this to end.

Sukhnidh wrote: "‘explain the gap in your resume’ is soooooo infuriating cos maybe i was just vibing? maybe something catastrophic happened?"

She continued: "why do you have to share intimate personal details to justify non-productive/non-labouring periods of your literal human existence omg".

The now-viral tweet perfectly explains why asking about that gap might be an invasion of privacy.

In response, people shared their own experiences of being asked that intrusive question.

Asking the question is not only intrusive but it turns out that it might even be ableist.

So, employers, if you're reading this... don't ask about that gap.

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