People tried to criticise a dad who dressed as Princess Peach for his daughter. It backfired


You may have seen a story in recent days about a man dressing up as Princess Peach to his child's Mario for Halloween.

It was a heartwarming story - just look at this duo!

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His name is John Esquivel and the story about him and his ten year old daughter Olive received a lot of coverage worldwide. In particular, a story in the MailOnline caught his attention.

The intro read:

As the following set of images show, dads sometimes don't have much say over their Halloween outfits and end up getting the raw end of the deal when it comes to father-daughter double acts.

If your offspring wants to dress up as Hans Solo for example, then you might find yourself being Princess Leia, even if you do stand 6ft 3in tall and sporting a full beard.

It's Han Solo. But that's not the major problem here.

In an imgur post, titled "I'm the dad that dressed as Princess Peach for my daughter, and this is my response to those who who called it "Brave" or tried to emasculate me", John wrote a letter to media outlets and commenters that attempted to degrade his efforts with his daughter.

So recently this picture of my daughter and I at a mini comic con made the rounds on the internet. Like the kids say, it went viral. Naturally it triggered a lot of positive comments and some negative ones.

One of the last links I saw was from the Daily Mail and the intro to the pictures bothered me. Stating that some fathers 'don't have much say over their Halloween outfits' and end up getting the 'raw end of the deal.' I also have heard 'that's brave', or my favorite, 'the bible says you should not dress as a woman.' So here is what I wanted to say...

And this is where he brought the truth:

When you become a parent, it does not take much work to make your child happy. From the time they are a baby to whichever milestone you decide is the one that will define their moment of becoming an adult, it isn't difficult.

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If they want to be silly and express themselves, and want to include you, (Spoiler alert: They will always want to include you.) You can cling to your masculinity or own hobbies and say, 'No sweetie, I won't play dollies with you, maybe mom will do that,' or 'The game is on honey, go play in your room...' or you can do the little work.

He said that he and the mother had been through a recent divorce, which devastated his child. She needed more positive reinforcement and fun in her life, without him becoming a 'Disneyland dad'.

This hasn't prevented him from being disciplined about parenting and he definitely has expectations of her and her behaviour.

And yet, when we are together, I have a duty as her father. I need to assure her that the changes and stress of the world do not consume her.

I need to remind her that there is fun to be had in our activities together and that any creative projects or ideas she has has the same importance as anything I have planned.

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Sometimes that means I get to wear the Princess outfit. Even if it means snickering from my coworkers, nasty comments from insecure men, religious Bible thumpers, or homophobes. I was very shy and introverted at her age. I fight a lot to make sure she never surpresses her silliness because 'People are staring.'

I don't want her to grow up thinking she should be the quiet whisper at the back of a crowd, or that her ideas are not worth mentioning, or anything close to that.

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My job as a parent is hard. It's the hardest one I have ever had. But making your kids happy is not hard. I'll put on a dress, I'll hear my knees pop when I stoop for a tea party, I'll sing along to a pop song I wouldn't listen to on my own in a million years. If anyone else wants to call me a sissy, or worse, then I'll blow you a kiss in my pretty dress, and keep YOUR poor kids in my thoughts.

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His response has elicited a tremendous reaction from Reddit, most of whom are grown adults requesting that he parent them.

TrustMeImABassist wrote:

Do you want to adopt me? I'm a 30yo full grow man.

While we'd also like to point out, it could've been worse - he could've been Luigi.

John also went to another Halloween party as Negan from The Walking Dead, and as his post to Reddit testifies, he absolutely owned it.

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To be honest, though, we think he's more badass in the Princess Peach outfit.

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