Dancer who had hand ripped off in boating accident becomes TikTok star with candid Q+As about her disability

Dancer who had hand ripped off in boating accident becomes TikTok star with candid Q+As about her disability

Canadian TikToker Kristie Sita has become an internet star for her candid and open discussions about her disability.

At sixteen years of age, Sita survived a life-threatening boating accident that ripped her hand from her body.

Now 23, she uses her TikTok account @kristiesita, as well as other social media platforms, to show how she goes about day-to-day life with one hand.

With 535,000 followers on TikTok, Sita happily answers people’s questions about her disability. Most recently, Sita has shown TikTok how she cuts food, how she ties the cord on her trousers and how she drives.


She speaks honestly and often gives demonstrations about exactly how she achieves certain things with one hand.

Sita is an avid dancer and athlete and has shown that having a disability has not and will not hold her back.

Showing that having a disability has in no way inhibited her in achieving her goals, Sita gets real about what it’s like to have her disability.

In a video, Sita uploaded another video addressing the comment, “I hope you get a robotic hand someday,” to which she said she didn’t want one.

“I don't want a prosthetic.. I don't want a hand. And I know it might sound a little crazy, so just let me tell you why,” she begins.

“Since my accident, I’ve been super confident in who I am. I know it’s not the cutest or the prettiest thing in the world, but this is who I am and I find that the more I cover it up, the more I’m going to be insecure about it,” she continues.

Kristie Sita on TikTok addresses a comment.Photo courtesy of @kristiesita/TikTok

Then, she talked about the journey to confidence in herself.

“I’m learning to be confident in who i am and what my body looks like because this is who I am, “ Sita chuckled.

She further added that she will use prosthetics for certain tasks such as weight-lifting.

People in the comments showed support and praise to Sita for her sharing her story and maintaining high spirits.

“I love your attitude!”, wrote a commenter.

“Love the positive outlook! We choose your own attitude each day. Be confident, be strong, and believe in yourself,” wrote another commenter.

She’s open about the events surrounding her accident and revealed that she told her friends about it by posting on Snapchat.

Since her life-changing accident, she has continued to pursue her dream of becoming a professional dancer - she began a dance training programme in Vancouver and has since featured in TV shows and movies.

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