Danny DeVito saved this man's life - and now Arnold Schwarzenegger is passing on his message

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During the 80s and 90s Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito were two of the most recognisable faces in Hollywood.

The duo, who couldn't be more different, starred together in the hit comedies Twins and Junior and they clearly still think a lot of each other.

A reddit thread recently discussed how, during the filming of the film Matlida, DeVito and his ex-wife Rhea Perlman would look after young actress Mara Wilson who was playing the title role. The pair would take Wilson on trips to help her cope with the death of her mother.

During a discussion on this wonderful act of kindness, a user replied with an equally moving story.

The user known only as MisterSeeDee explained how he had been severely abused as a child at boarding school, which left him with a serious depression.

Without anyone to turn to or to listen to his feelings, he had began having suicidal thoughts.

This is where Danny DeVito comes in.

While on a skiing holiday in Utah with his parents, he shared his experiences with a man that he happened to sit next to on the trip.

One day I was riding a ski lift to the top of the mountain, and I met a strangely familiar sounding man with a scarf over his face. He saw that I was miserable and asked me what was wrong.

I didn’t have any trouble opening up about my problems at thirteen. I would blab on and on about them (the problem is that nobody really cared). So I unloaded on this poor guy.

As he continued the man confessed that he had gone through a similar thing when he was younger and that, eventually, everything would be OK.

He told me that he had a very similar experience when he was younger, that he had gone to a very strict Catholic boarding school. He shared some experiences with me. He understood what I was going through completely.

He told me that it would pass; that one day I would be an adult and all of these things would seem very far away. I cried, he told me everything would be alright. I talked to him the entire way up the mountain.

This conversation, he said, helped save his life, and it was only at the end of their short journey that he realised who he had been speaking to: None other than Danny Devito.

Anyway, as we got to the top of the hill, I saw the stranger’s wife come up to him and recognized her. It was the girl from Cheers (Rhea Pearlman)! And then I placed the voice – Danny Devito, who I had seen in several movies even by then, but just couldn’t identify him on the ski lift.

Everything he said was true. I went on to great things. And all of those horrors seem small in comparison even if they do trouble me sometimes.

You can read the full account of the story below.

We're sure you'll agree that that story on it's own is already amazing and inspiring but it gets better from there.

MisterSeeDee wanted to find a way to send his gratitude to Mr Devito and that's where Arnold Schwarzenegger comes in.

The former Governor of California is an avid Reddit user, regularly commenting on threads and even taking part in a AMA session four years ago.

Schwarzenegger replied to the previous story, thanking the man for sharing it, and promising to share the message with DeVito himself.

MisterSeeDee couldn't have been happier to have his message passed on by the legendary action star and extended his appreciation for his kind gesture.

Other reddit users also couldn't quite believe the story itself, and the fact that Schwarzenegger had actually posted a comment.

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