This Brexiteer’s 'blue tick' complaint was the perfect self-own

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Here at indy100, there's nothing we like more than a Brexiteer committing a flagrant self-own. Now, it's happened again.

You may well recall Darren Grimes, a pro-Brexit campaigner who was fined £20,000 for breaking EU referendum spending laws on behalf of the Leave campaign.

Well, he's taken to Twitter to moan about 'Remoaners'. Yes, really.

In the bizarre tweet, he's launched an attack on the 'blue tick brigade'.

Taking to the social media site, he wrote:

For the blue tick brigade to argue that they’ve looked back on the politics of the past few years and conclude “we haven’t heard enough from Remainers” is b******.

They’re the ones running the country and civil service. 

There's just one major problem with this - Grimes has... yes, you guessed it... a blue tick.

The bizarre self-own didn't get lost on eagle-eyed Twitter users.

Do you need some ice for that burn?

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