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If you're dating in order to get a free bed for the night, then it might be time to reassess your life decisions.

When someone attempted to date this woman for exactly this reason, she had the best possible response. Jakie Cameron, from Bakersfield, California, shared screenshots of a conversation she had with a guy who didn't get the memo that dating for a free bed isn't really on.

And, it has to be said, he really, really didn't get the memo.

Ouch, blown it, hasn't he? Calling her selfish? It goes without saying that other social media users had thoughts.

One commented:

Gimme gimme what... u dont have anything right now to be giving.

Another added:

He trying to move in without telling her. Then eat her food. He should be looking for a job before dating. You do need a house and job to date.

A third added their thoughts:

Eww gross! Lazy and entitled and worse, his parents enable him to keep living that way. Talk about dodging a bullet.

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