David Cameron slipped in a joke about Karl Marx at PMQs and it was quite awful

David Cameron's awful jokes are becoming a bit of a fixture of prime minister's questions, whether it's Back to the Future or awkward segues between refugees and laughing at the Lib Dems.

Today's scripted effort was probably the worst of those he's delivered since Jeremy Corbyn became Labour leader, and an example of something that probably looked better written down.

Today Corbyn tried to question Cameron about the NHS, asking what was "rising faster, NHS waiting lists or NHS deficits?".

The PM insisted the government was investing tens of billions of pounds into the NHS, before continuing:

What is going up in the NHS is the number of treatments, is the number of successful outcomes. And if he wants to know who is heading for a winter crisis, I would predict that it's the Labour Party who is heading for a winter crisis.

Look at his appointments: his media adviser is a Stalinist, his new policy adviser is a Trotskyist; and his economic adviser is a Communist. If he's trying to move the Labour Party to the left, I'd give him full Marx.

Yes. 'Full Marx'.


You can watch it below:

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