A Mississippi man on death row scribbled a map of the crime scene before he was executed - and investigators have now uncovered the victim’s presumed remains.

David Cox, the man in question, was executed last month after pleading guilty to the 2010 murder of his estranged wife, Kim Kirk Cox, and the sexual assault of her young daughter.

Before the murder, Cox was considered a suspect in the disappearance of his sister-in-law Felicia Cox in 2007.

On Monday, Mississippi District Attorney John Weddle posted a press release on Facebook.

He explained that the office “engaged in communication with the Mississippi Office of Capital Post-Conviction Counsel (CPCC) regarding the possibility of a disclosure by one of their clients, David Neal Cox (Cox), of the whereabouts of the body of Felicia Cox.”

Cox gave the map and letter to his attorneys and agreed that the information could be shared after his death.

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With the contents of the map and letter, the prosecutors were able to conduct a search of the sight in Pontotoc County, Mississippi, with the help of Mississippi State University Departments of Archaeology and Anthropology.

They then decided that ground-penetrating radar (GPR) would be used as well as satellite imagery.

On Sunday, December 12, investigators found remains that have now been sent to the Mississippi Medical Examiner’s office for DNA testing and an autopsy.

Amber Miskelly, the daughter of Felicia Cox, told WTVA earlier this month that Cox “was literally the last person with [Felicia] when she was alive.”

She believed Cox was responsible for her mother’s disappearance and stayed hopeful that he could provide her with the answers she needed.

Miskelly and other family members visited the site and witnessed the recovery after the location was secured. The remains still have yet to be confirmed.

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