Dentist found gulity after footage of him emerges extracting a tooth while stood on a hoverboard

A dentist in Alaska has been found guilty of numerous charges after footage emerged of him extracting a patients tooth while he was riding around the room on a hoverboard.

Seth Lookhart of Anchorage was convicted on Friday of 46 counts, including illegally practising dentistry, reckless endangerment and medical assistance fraud.

The footage shows Lookhart operating on Veronica Wilhelm, who was sedated but had no idea that she was being filmed.

Lookhart is also seen driving down a corridor, with his arms in the air as if he was celebrating.

The incident occurred in 2016 after Lockhart allegedly sent the video to eight people and joked that the was practising 'a new standard of care.'

The 34-year-old was defended by attorney Paul Stockler, who admitted during the trial that his client had acted like an 'idiot.'

I want you to know that as his lawyer, I apologise for what he did on that hoverboard.

 It’s unacceptable and you can be assured that when I agreed to represent him, I got in his face and told him what I thought about him for doing this, which I think needed to be done.

The trial lasted for five weeks and also saw Lookhart accused of defrauding Medicare patients a more costly form of sedation as opposed to anaesthesia.

In conclusion, when examining text messages sent by Lookhart, superior court judge Michael Wolverton said:

Dr. Lookhart responded, in effect, that unless someone was standing right next to him at the time, no one would ever know,​

HT New York Post

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