It's happened! A pro-Trump choir called the 'Deplorable Choir' have begun making pro-Trump songs and sharing them on social media, and they're getting roasted.

Now, they've released their 'magnum opus', and it's strange to say the least. In the song, they sing:

We don't care if you're white,

We don't care if you're black. 

We don't care if you're gay. 

We're all under attack. 

We don't care if you're rich. 

We don't care if you're poor. 

We just know, what we're fighting for!

Real women vote Trump! 

We don't need no liberal chump. 

Real women vote Trump! 

Well, we think you get the idea, right?

Despite their message of inclusively, many people on social media were quick to call them out and to suggest some snappy names for the trio.

What's that? You'd like to hear more? Sure. Here's one about Fake News.

Well, at least we're sure Donald Trump won't mind their songs...

HT The Poke

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