Did more White House officials go to US teen's funeral than Thatcher's?

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Fox News has worked itself into a lather with the claim that three "White House officials" were sent to the funeral of Michael Brown but none were sent to last year's service for former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher.

This isn't the first time Fox has objected to the amount of coverage 18-year-old Brown's shooting at the hands of police was receiving.

But widespread demonstrations, the condemnation of police tactics and a renewed panic over the country's racial (in)equality mean that, whatever your views on the circumstances of his shooting, Brown's death has become a highly significant event in the US.

The circumstance of the teenager's death are still to be established (Picture: Getty)

According to the Washington Post , the three officials who attended Brown's funeral were:

  • Broderick Johnson - head of the White House’s My Brother’s Keeper Task Force (a mentoring programme helping young men from ethnic minorities to reach their full potential).

  • Marlon Marshall - a St. Louis native who attended high school with Brown’s mother.

  • Heather Foster - works with Marshall in the White House Office of Public Engagement (a department that aims to bridge the gap between the government and ordinary citizens).

All three of whom seem to be relatively suitable attendees and yet hardly governmental heavyweights.

It should also be noted that Fox News's wording appears to be specifically misleading.

The coffin of Margaret Thatcher, 2013 (Picture: Getty)

While technically no "White House officials" were sent to attend Thatcher's funeral, there was arguably still a hefty US representation:

  • George Schultz - Secretary of State to Ronald Reagan (contemporary to Thatcher).

  • James Baker - Chief of Staff to Ronald Reagan.

  • Louis Susman - US Ambassador to Britain 2009-2013.

  • Barbara J Stephenson - Susman's second in command.

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