Diplo made an important point about masculinity after someone questioned his sexuality

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Music producer and DJ Diplo has hit back against a troll who questioned his sexuality just because he had an opinion about the TV show Gossip Girl.

Perhaps he was watching Gossip Girl re-runs on Netflix. Maybe he stumbled across a funny meme.

Whatever the reason, he took to Twitter and wrote:

blair waldforf is the upper east side tony soprano.

That’s… That’s actually pretty accurate.

Amidst the praise (“This is the hottest thing you’ve ever tweeted," one user wrote) and the Gossip Girl gifs, there was a comment he took offence to.

One twitter user questioned his sexuality… Just because he tweeted about Gossip Girl:

Y’all sure he is str8?

Instead of responding with anger, Diplo made a simple observation:

Masculinity is a prison.


People online praised the musician's response, which spoke of the toxic masculinity inherent in the tweet. The assumption that it was somehow prescribed that only women and non-straight men watched Gossip Girl.

Everyone is stanning Diplo

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