Drunk YouTuber puts Disney resort on lockdown after fake shooter 'experiment'

Drunk YouTuber puts Disney resort on lockdown after fake shooter 'experiment'

A drunk YouTuber’s “social experiment” at a Disney Resort in Florida recently sent the resort into lockdown, according to reports.

Twenty-two-year-old Dillon Burch from Arizona became intoxicated before running up to guests at Disney’s Contemporary resort in Orlando and telling them they had to evacuate because an active shooter was on the loose.

Burch told responding officers that this was all a joke and that he wanted to film the reaction for his YouTube channel. Understandably, the officers didn’t see the funny side of this and the resort was placed on lockdown.

Security allegedly found Burch “hiding in a row of bushes on hotel property”. When he was searched and taken into custody they found beer in his backpack.

Burch didn’t contest his charges – disturbing the peace and disorderly intoxication – and was sentenced to three days in prison. Predictably, he received a lifetime ban from all Walt Disney World properties.

This follows school shootings in Florida and Texas. The US has 16 times as many firearm deaths than Germany per year and Americans own nearly half of the civilian-owned guns in the world. Since 2012’s Sandy Hook tragedy, where 26 people lost their lives, there have been more than 1,600 mass shootings in America.

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