People got stuck on a Disneyland ride and it sounds like hell


A power outage at Disneyland California left people stranded on a ride for 30 minutes.

A transformer issue on Wednesday brought the Toontown and Fantasyland areas of the park to a standstill, including several popular attractions located in those spots.

One of those affected was the iconic 'It's a Small World' ride, which has been at the park since 1966.

Fortunately, the ride is a gentle boat trip through various cultures from around the globe accompanied by a children's song, and no one was left stuck in a more frightening spot.

However, for the 30 minutes that visitors were stuck on the ride, the song did not stop playing.

Just for reference, this is what the song sounds like:

Geoff Fienberg was one of the unlucky individuals who was stranded on the ride and described the trauma to CNN.

About 60%-70% of the way through the ride the power just went off.

It was just dark, music was still playing, so that will be in most of our heads probably for the following year.

He also added that people were "pretty calm" and there was no sense of danger despite spending "25 minutes in the dark."

However, social media scholar Danah Boyd, who was trapped on the ride with three children, didn't have such a favourable view.

Other Twitter users felt their pain and expressed their sympathies.

Suzi Brown, a spokesperson for Disneyland, confirmed that all power was fully restored to the park by 4pm.

Disneyland later apologised for the problem in a statement. They said:

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience to all of our guests who were impacted.


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