The one thing all Disneyland employees are banned from doing

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Disney workers have a particular rule, to do with international visitors, that is taken very seriously.

It's to do with their fingers.

Specifically their index finger.

In Western countries it's customary to point with a sole index finger - this gesture, unless used particularly aggressively, isn't considered rude.

However, in some countries, simply the act of pointing with an index finger, is considered an offensive gesture.

Therefore workers at Disney resorts and parks always point with two fingers.

They're also banned from being negative towards park guests. Which means, when dealing with difficult customers, there's not much they can say to express how unreasonable a customer is being.

They have, reportedly, found ways to express their disdain for customers in code.

If you hear the phrase...

Have a magical Disney day!

You can assume that the person who just said it doesn't like you very much.

A respondent claiming to be a staff member said on a reddit AMA:

I work at Disney and 'have a magical day' is mouse for ‘go f*** yourself’.

Another said:

I worked for Disney’s Ad Agency for three years and we had some cast members tell us this is what it meant.

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