Doctors say sex is a miracle cure

Doctors say sex is a miracle cure

Regular exercise – including sex, walking and dancing – are “miracle cures staring us in the face” and could dramatically cut our risk of cancer, dementia, heart disease and diabetes, leading doctors have said.

In a new review of existing evidence which reveals the full extent of benefits that can be accrued from exercise, the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges said the improvement in health and savings to the NHS could be “incalculable”.

If we all did just 30 minutes exercise five times a week, we could prevent cases of type 2 diabetes that cost the NHS billions per year, the report says.

Similar levels of exercise could also cut our risk of heart disease by 40 per cent, stroke and dementia by 30 per cent and breast cancer by 25 per cent. Bowel cancer rates could be cut by nearly half.

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