President Donald Trump is receiving criticism after he invited 9/11 first responders to the stage and joked about it collapsing whilst signing an important bill into law.

Trump signed a bill into law that made the victims compensation fund for 9/11 permanent, and in celebration of that fact he invited first responders to the stage.

“I spent a lot of time down there with you,” he said, appearing to suggest without evidence that he participated in either rescue efforts or surveying the damage in the wake of the September 11 attacks.

And then he said the following:

Now I’m going to sign this bill into law and I don’t know if the stage will hold it but if it doesn’t we’re not falling very far.

The comment was seen as insensitive to the families and victims of the tragedy, many of whom continue to suffer debilitating medical issues due to the debris and destruction that covered downtown Manhattan.

Others are glad the bill was signed into law - but did he have to "embarrass" them whilst doing it?

Y tho?

One person called him a "sociopath"

But mostly, people just wanted him to stop.

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