Trump 'gets people to follow him on golf course to tell him nice things about himself'

Trump 'gets people to follow him on golf course to tell him nice things about himself'
Donald Trump at LIV Golf tournament

In unsurprising news, apparently Donald Trump needs constant positive reinforcement, even while golfing.

According to Maggie Haberman, a reporter from the New York Times, Trump has aides follow him around while on a golf course and recite the nice things people say about him.

"As Trump has been out of office over the last 20 [months], a rotating cast of aides has been tasked with following him around the golf course at the club he's at and giving him positive reinforcement from Twitter and wherever else they find it on the web, per [people] told of the practice," Haberman tweeted.

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Although Haberman's claim did not include any named sources, many people were quick to believe it was true.

Other people have reported similar behavior among Trump and his aides in the past.

Stephanie Grisham, a former White House Press Secretary, wrote in her memoir I'll Take Your Questions Now What I Saw at the Trump White House that Trump would not respond well to people telling him negative things.

“He didn’t like them telling him that things he wanted to do were unethical or illegal," Grisham recalled.

Journalist Tara Palmeri reported for POLITICO in 2017, that six former campaigns officials said to keep Trump off Twitter they ensured "his personal media consumption includes a steady stream of praise".

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