10 of the most terrifying views Trump Jr has supported in the last 4 years

At times, you can often find yourself in despair when you read the latest news about Donald Trump or happen to see who he is pretending to be angry about on Twitter.

That being said one look at his children's social media output is enough to have even the strongest of willed people to bury their head into their hands.

Tiffany and Barron Trump are both anomalies in their silence. Do they support their father and his views or are they secretly posting memes about him on TikTok? Ivanka Trump, bless her, means well with her output on Twitter and Instagram and thoughtful speeches but can often put her foot in it while trying to be sincere.

Then we come to Eric and Don Jr. Both are very active on Twitter and Instagram and have been known to share all sorts of nonsense in support of their father. The younger of the two, Eric, is probably the least skilled on social media, frequently making mistakes and exposing his poor perception of reality and we don't have the energy to mention his various appearances on television.

However, Trump Jr is an altogether different beast.

The 42-year-old exists as an unusual blend on his father's own unhinged ego but with a better knowledge of modern-day issues and how the American right likes to spread news and memes on social media.

His own Twitter isn't dissimilar to a pro-Trump Reddit page and his Instagram is a bizarre personal shrine to his father and the many awful memes that have been made in his honour. He mostly uses these two platforms, as well as the odd public appearance (and his own book) to spread his views, many of which are very controversial.

As the 2020 election looms ever closer, we decided that we'd take a look at some of the things that Trump Jr has supported since his father became president because you can guarantee that if his father doesn't win this time, Don Jr will almost definitely run for office in 2024.

Here are some of his most troubling views:


QAnon is an unproven conspiracy theory that believes there is a deep state agenda against Donald Trump and his supporters, which started via the notorious 4Chan forum.

Trump Jr hasn't offered any vocal support of QAnon or shared any of the numerous images and memes that exist online supporting them, but in February he appeared on Tucker Carlson's Fox News show wearing a Q pin on his jacket lapel, which a Q account on Facebook claimed to have made.


Donald Jr was actually way ahead of the curve when it came to 'Obamagate' which his dad only began to promote in 2020, presumably as a distraction tactic after he came under heavy scrutiny for his poor handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Obamagate conspiracy is an unfounded belief that Barack Obama in someway attempted to undermine Trump's attempt to become president in 2016 and helped engineer the probe into his dealings in Russia. Back in February 2018, Trump Jr was already spreading Obamagate propaganda

Making jokes about sexual harassment and #MeToo

Unsurprisingly, Trump Jr doesn't take accusations of sexual harassment or millions of people bravely speaking out against the abuse they have suffered very seriously. Case in point, back in 2019, when speaking on a panel at CPAC, Trump Jr wrongly and inappropriately used #MeToo while Jerry Falwell Jr was talking about his sons playing with guns.

That seems like a minor example of someone dramatically misunderstanding the meaning behind a movement but if you wanted further evidence of him not full comprehending the seriousness of these allegations look at how he treated Dr Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who said she was sexually harassed by Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh.

Not only did he attempt to smear her for literally being a psychologist but he shared a quite frankly appalling meme in an attempt to discredit her.

Anti-immigration sentiment

Much like his father and other members of the American right, Trump Jr isn't a huge fan of immigrants.

If you search through his tweets you'll find many posts demonising migrants and criticising everyone from Bernie Sanders to Beto O'Rourke for showing support for people who want to live and work in the United States.

In a shocking Instagram story that he posted in January 2019, he also compared immigrants to animals in an attempt to gain support for his father's controversial wall on the border between Mexico and America.

Climate change denial

Another sentiment that he shares with his father is that climate change does not exist, and he has a particular disdain for the prominent teenage activist Greta Thunberg.

In December 2019, after the Swede was named as Time magazine's Person of the Year, he claimed that she was being used as a 'marketing tool' as he felt the award should have gone to the protesters in Hong Kong.

In a dig at Joe Biden, Trump Jr also claimed that the former vice president will attempt to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, which Trump removed the US because he felt it would have a major effect on "real blue collar workers who built our nation."


In recent years, Trump Jr has made many transphobic comments, most of which are aimed at woman athletes who he believes have an unfair advantage other their opponents.

As well as sharing transphobic memes on Instagram he has also aimed abuse at the Canadian transgender cyclist Rachel McKinnon.

Thanks to Trump Jr's comments and his overall abuse of her, McKinnon was inundated with death threats. Speaking to the New York Times in December she said:

Soon after my win, Donald Trump Jr threw a Twitter tantrum about me. I’ve seen a huge uptick in the volume of hate mail I’ve received in the weeks since. I have four people who monitor my Instagram to delete hateful messages; they’ve been overwhelmed by the volume. Twitter is far worse. I’ve received death threats, but I try not to dwell on them.


Most normal people would agree that hunting innocent animals for sport is pretty deplorable but Trump Jr cannot get enough of it. It's practically part of his personality. If you search google for images of Trump Jr with hunting trophies you'll see him posing next to many dead animals that he has shot.

Last year, he even travelled to Mongolia to kill an endangered sheep, a trip that cost US taxpayers $75,000.

Joked that Hillary Clinton poisoned Jeffrey Epstein

After the president made a fool of himself by claiming that injecting disinfectant could cure coronavirus, he found himself being ridiculed by all sides including his former presidential opponent Hillary Clinton.

Trump Jr wasn't prepared to accept that gag and fired back his own, which actually wasn't much of a joke at all and a straight-up accusation of murder, hinting that Clinton had something to do with the death of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who died by suicide in a jail cell last year, before he was due to give evidence about sex trafficking.

Shared a meme claiming Joe Biden was a paedophile

This repulsive tactic from Trump Jr came in May of this year when he shared a meme on Instagram, alluding that Biden was a sex offender because of the accusations that he has faced for 'touching' young girls.

After causing an uproar, Trump Jr attempted to backtrack, claiming that the emojis he used indicated that he wasn't being serious, although he did go on to add that the claims against Biden were fair so who knows what he really thinks.


Although it is easily the biggest task that his father has faced since he has been in the White House, Trump Jr has been sceptical about the effects of coronavirus since the outbreak began in December.

Whether it is blaming China and the World Health Organisation for failing to contain the pandemic or sharing memes that discouraged people from wearing face masks in public, Trump Jr has hardly led by example.

In March, just when the pandemic was beginning to have a major effect worldwide, he claimed that for children and the non-elderly coronavirus wasn't as deadly as the flu, which has since proven to be completely wrong.

At the end of March, he also attempted to decry the shocking death toll that the US had accumulated, which remains the highest in the world.

We daresay that Trump Jr has changed his tune on the issue now that his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle has tested positive for Covid-19 but looking back through his recent history we wouldn't be shocked if Trump Jr hadn't learned anything...

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