Donald Trump today touched down in Israel for the second leg of his maiden presidential voyage.

Upon arrival he was greeted by various Israeli diplomats, including Oren Hazan, popularly known as Israel's "most scandalous lawmaker".

According to the Times of Israel, Hazan once allegedly procured drugs and prostitutes for Casino guests.

Like Trump, he's been accused of multiple accounts of sexual assault.

Hazan has also been accused of physical assault, and controversially mocked a fellow MP for using a wheelchair.

The MP tried to sue journalist Amit Segel for reporting on him taking crystal meth and "pimping" while managing a casino in Bulgaria.

However, the court ruled these were fair claims.

And he just took a selfie with Donald Trump.

Despite Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu awkwardly trying to stop him, the notorious politician was undeterred to get a selfie with his "hero".

Hazan has previously bragged that he and Trump have similar political styles and he endorsed Trump early in the Republican presidential primaries.

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