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It might not come as much of a surprise, but Donald Trump’s approval rating isn’t good.

In fact, it’s very low.

His current rating is 40 per cent – and bear in mind that the nature of politics dictates that politicians typically start off more popular when in a position of power than when the step down. It commmonly known as a honeymoon period.

Trump's approval rating is 21 percentage points lower than the average rating for presidents who are one month into their first term, according to Gallup.

Here's how his 40 per cent compares to past presidents:

And this table shows the differences of approval rating for presidents across different parties, showing the division between parties for Trump.

Trump’s rating has fallen from 45 per cent when he first entered office, according to Gallup polling.

But don't worry - Trump says any negative polls are "fake news":

But the positive ones?

During a press conference 16 February, President Trump paid credence to a Rasmussen poll:

it has our approval rating at 55 percent and going up.

That's accurate. However, the poll is an outlier.

10 other polls at the same time period had Trump’s approval rating falling between 39 percent and 48 percent.

You can check a range of polls and Trump's averages - which are in net disapproval - here.

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