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At time of writing, over 1.8 million people have signed a petition calling on Theresa May to cancel Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK.

Following Mr Trump's 90-day migrant ban on seven Muslim-majority countries, several protests were organised across the US and the UK. With many people denouncing the President's actions as overtly islamaphobic.

However, the mass outrage might not be as widespread as it appears.

YouGov asked people:

Should Donald trump’s state visit [to the UK] go ahead or should it be cancelled?

And while 36 per cent said it should be cancelled, 49 per cent said it should go ahead.

Unsurprisingly, Ukip voters were most likely to be in favour of Trump’s visit, with 81 per cent saying it should go ahead; and 76 per cent of Conservative voters agree too.

Exactly half of Brits said Trump’s migrant ban is a bad idea, while 29 per cent think it’s a good one.

In fact, when asked how they would feel if the UK adopted Trump’s migrant ban, 32 per cent said they would be appalled, 17 per cent said disappointed, 13 per cent would be pleased and 15 per cent would be delighted.

Statista have crunched the numbers and produced this excellent graphic.

Picture:Picture: Statista / YouGov

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