Donald Trump met Putin for the first time and life imitated art

Evan Vucci / AP / Netflix

Some of the world's most powerful leaders are meeting in Hamburg this weeks to discuss the delicate matters of global warming, escalating tensions between North Korea and the world and some all important trade deals.

During the discussions, pomp and ceremony it's also an excellent time for many of the leaders to meet each other face-to-face for the first time.

This is exactly what happened with Russian President Vladimir Putin and American President Donald Trump.

The pair have communicated in the past through official White House channels, often discussing the Syrian civil war, but yesterday's meeting in the German city would be the first time the pair would meet eye-to-eye as Presidential figures.

Mr Putin said that he was delighted to meet Trump, commenting that "Phone conversations are never enough."

As well as a private meeting, which lasted over two hours, the pair also met in front of the press, for customary photographs and the odd question.

The way they were sat; the extended handshake and the rather sour look, all looked rather familiar...

Eagle eyed Guardian journalist and Twitter user Alec Luhn made the connection, sharing a side-by-side comparison of the Trump/Putin meeting with fictitious American President Frank Underwood and Russian President Viktor Petrov from House of Cards.

The pair had a similar face-to-face meeting in the show.

The character of Petrov, played by Lars Mikkelsen, is a rather close-to-the-knuckle comparison to real life President Putin. Both are former KGB agents, they share the same initials and both have had difficult relationships with a number of US presidents.

While Frank Underwood on the other hand, is exceedingly competent at getting votes through congress and choosing qualified people for his cabinet.

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