Five of Donald Trump's most insulting quotes about women

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Wednesday 09 November 2016 04:00
Picture:(Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

No, we're not suggesting that by not electing a woman America hates women.

We're stating as fact that electing this sociopathic woman-hating candidate means America has done nothing to dispel the hunch that it hates women.

Even if everyone woman won her senate race, there would still only have been 31 female senators to 69 men, and only 167 female members of the US House of Representatives.

But these details are nothing compared to elevating to the presidency a man with such flagrant disregard for women.

They've elected a man who said this about women seeking an abortion.

They should be punished.

They've elected a man who said this about women seeking an abortion.

When you're a star they let you do it. You can do anything. Whatever you want. Grab them by the pussy.

They've elected a man who reacted to being asked if he wanted 'to bang' a 12-year-old Paris Hilton responded:

She's a very... Well, at 12 I wasn't interested. I've never been into that. They've sort of always stuck around that 25 category

They've elected a man who responded to accusations of sexism, by calling his accuser a 'bimbo'

They've elected a man who suggests men will inevitably commit sexual assault if in the presence of women.

What the f***, America?

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