Donald Trump is in the lead and things just got very Brexit

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Wednesday 09 November 2016 04:15
Nigel Farage did not explicitly endorse Donald Trump but now admits he hopes the President-elect will give him a job(Getty Images)

Donald Trump is leading in the latest election predictions.

Many bookmakers and live trackers are shifting to predict a Trump victory.

The New York Times gives the Republican more than a 95 per cent chance of winning the presidency.

More good news for his supporters is the lead Trump has where it counts - in the electoral college.

The late surge in the campaign for Trump, and then the election night false sense of security, only to be shattered by new predictions is reminiscent of the EU Referendum vote.

Fraser Nelson shared this chart showing how wrong the Bookies got it when it came to the EU Referendum, putting Remain far ahead.

Some have dismissed the comparison.

But others recognise the same strand of emotion involved rather than rational thinking.

Some pointed out how now that the dollar is 'reacting' to a likely Trump presidency, the pound is recovering.

In all of this, the common factor is Nigel Farage being underestimated again.

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