Donald Trump probably regrets not deleting these tweets

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Monday 12 December 2016 12:45
(Picture: Win McNamee/Getty)

On Sunday, Donald Trump appeared on Fox News Sunday, where it came to light that he doesn’t really do daily briefings.

In fact, according to Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, Trump only takes them once a week – if that.

When asked about it, Trump had said he got the briefing “when he need[ed] it”, and that he is “like a smart person” and doesn’t need to be told the same thing “every day”.

In short, Trump, soon-to-be president, feels he doesn’t need the daily briefings on a daily basis.

Except in 2012, and 2014, he criticised then president Barack Obama for doing the same thing:

Suffice to say, the internet is an unforgiving place...

It got people asking the question - did Barack Obama miss his security briefings, too?

Some people are adamant that he did not...

A Washington Post article on the subject confirms that “different presidents have structured their daily briefing from the CIA to fit their unique personal styles”.

The article went on to say that both Presidents George Bush and George W. Bush had minimal oral briefings – communicating directly with a CIA official.

While Obama read his presidential daily brief, he did not always attend a personal briefing meeting.

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