Donald Trump tried to kiss a little girl at a rally and it went incredibly badly


It was just one more excruciating moment for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Speaking at a rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the Republican candidate noticed a girl in the crowd whom he repeatedly called ‘beautiful’.

Clearly attempting to warm hearts and forgetting his past history in making small children cry, he invited her up onto the stage and picked her up.

After she says ‘hello’ into the mic he kisses her quickly on the cheek, then tries again but, unsurprisingly, she squirms and turns away. Nope.

In his speech, Trump accused opponent Hillary Clinton of spreading “lies” about his alleged sexual misconduct.

Earlier this month his campaign took a severe beating after the release of a video filmed in 2005 that showed him boasting about kissing and groping women without their consent.

Since the release of the tape, several women have come forward with allegations about similar behaviour against them. Trump denies all of the allegations.

Here's a full video of the incident, which the local ABC station somehow described as "BEAUTIFUL":

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