Michael Moore wants you to do these 10 things to take down Donald Trump


When a President appears to declare war on the the Freedom of the Press, democracy, decades of careful foreign policy, and human rights - how can you fight back?

For the majority of Americans who did not vote for Donald Trump, the frustration, fear and powerlessness can seem at times, overwhelming.

So award-winning documentary filmmaker and social activist Michael Moore has stepped up to organise the resistance.

You may remember his 2003 Oscars acceptance speech (Best Documentary for Bowling for Columbine) just five days after George Bush began the Iraq invasion.

Mentioning "fictitious times" and "fictitious election results," he accused Bush of sending the US to war for "fictitious reasons," and was roundly booed off the stage.

Many would argue that he was subsequently proven right.

He's also created this incredible resistance calendar, a crowdsourced (and vetted) diary of every single protest, march, meeting and pro-democracy / anti-Trump event all over the US - from local to national.

Last week, he posted this amazing note, entitled 'The Michael Moore Easy-to-Follow 10-Point Plan to Stop Trump', which indy100 has helpfully summarised for you (because the filmmaker is not known for conciseness).

1. Call your member of Congress and both Senators every day

  • 202-225-3121, or 202-224-3121 if the first number is busy.
  • Even if your representative is a Democrat.
  • Even better, call their direct line.
  • For Senators, find their number here.
  • For your member in the House of Representatives, find their number here.
  • Download the app called '5 calls', which dials the phone for you and gives points for speaking to reps.
  • If you'd rather write to them, find the best way to do so by typing in your address here.
  • Check Michael Moore's Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as his website each week for updates on actions to fight.
  • "A call a day keeps the Trump away."

2. Visit your member of Congress and both Senators once a month

  • Locate their local offices and ask to speak to their aide about issues.
  • Visit local office (or state capitol office) of your State Representative / Assemblyperson, and your State Senator.
  • If you live near enough to Washington, D.C., visit Capitol Hill and your U.S. Senators and Congressman/woman.

3. Create "your own personal Rapid Response Team"

  • Form a group of 5 to 20 friends and family so you can all be ready to "leap into action."
  • Text and email each other to plan resistance movements.
  • Share links to investigative stories and TV news items.
  • For example, Michael Moore's "The V for Vendetta Rapid Response Team" consists of 27 people from Seattle to Maryland.
  • Each person in the team forms their own local Rapid Response Team.
  • The web grows exponentially.

4. Join national groups

5. Remember the Women's March

  • The historical January 21st marches sparked protests and action all over the world.
  • Don't let the action die out - join in the continuing marches.
  • Check the Resistance Calendar ( to find out what actions are taking place near you.
  • Be ready for the national Women's Strike on the 8th of March.

6. Join the Democratic Party

  • Democrats won the popular vote in six of the last seven Presidential elections, yet hold little power in government.
  • The Republicans have only won the popular vote once since 1988.
  • Many Democrats in Congress seem unwilling to stand up to Trump.
  • Start attending country Democratic meetings.
  • Try to support your local Democratic organisation.

7. Form "regions of resistance" in Blue States

  • If you live in a Blue State, help get state laws passed to circumnavigate Trump.
  • For example, before Roe vs. Wade, California and New York legalised abortion in their own states.
  • Make your state set an example.

8. Run for office

  • Michael Moore ran for office when he was 18 and got elected.
  • Good candidates are needed for the 2018 elections.
  • Not just Congress and State Houses, but also school boards, city councils and county commissions.
  • Everyone can run for Precinct Delegate.
  • Each precinct / neighbourhood can elect a certain number of Democrats to the county Democratic Convention.
  • Normally it's blank on the ballot because no one runs for it, so delegates end up being chosen by the party.
  • The commitment is just three hours a year.

9. Become the media

  • Stop complaining about the media.
  • Identify where good work is being done and share their work.
  • Use all social media sites to spread news and information.
  • Be your own reporter and editor; curate the news for your friends.

10. "Join the army of comedy"

  • "Trump's Achilles heel is his massively thin skin. He can't take mockery. So we all need to MOCK HIM UP!"
  • Join those at Saturday Night Live in mocking the President.
  • Send links of SNL spoofing Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway.
  • "I truly believe the final tipping point for Trump will be when he implodes from all the laughter - the mocking, the unbearable ridicule of tens of millions of Americans that will discombobulate him and force him out of the White House."
  • "If there's one thing we all could use right now it's a good laugh - AND the possibility of a much-shortened presidential term."

Let's make Trump toast again.

— Michael Moore

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