When a President appears to declare war on the the Freedom of the Press, democracy, decades of careful foreign policy, and human rights - how can you fight back?

For the majority of Americans who did not vote for Donald Trump, the frustration, fear and powerlessness can seem at times, overwhelming.

So award-winning documentary filmmaker and social activist Michael Moore has stepped up to organise the resistance.

You may remember his 2003 Oscars acceptance speech (Best Documentary for Bowling for Columbine) just five days after George Bush began the Iraq invasion.

Mentioning "fictitious times" and "fictitious election results," he accused Bush of sending the US to war for "fictitious reasons," and was roundly booed off the stage.

Many would argue that he was subsequently proven right.

He's also created this incredible resistance calendar, a crowdsourced (and vetted) diary of every single protest, march, meeting and pro-democracy / anti-Trump event all over the US - from local to national.

Last week, he posted this amazing note, entitled 'The Michael Moore Easy-to-Follow 10-Point Plan to Stop Trump', which indy100 has helpfully summarised for you (because the filmmaker is not known for conciseness).

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