Michael Moore spotted what we all missed yesterday


Amid the excitement yesterday, spurred on by the President-elect’s press conference, some significant news slipped under the radar.

It would seem the tradition of the UK government burying bad-news reports among a deluge of announcements on the last day of parliament has been given a bit of an American spin.

Filmmaker Michael Moore pointed out:

Lost in the news yesterday was Trump's pick for Secretary of State saying under oath he would not rule out a registry for Muslim Americans

Rex Tillerson, who has no previous governmental experience, held a hearing with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee yesterday.

When asked by Senator Jeanne Shaheen if he would support a US registry for Muslims, he said:

I would need to have a lot more information over how such an approach would even be constructed. And if it were a tool for vetting, it probably extends to other groups as well that are threats to the US.

That is not quite the outright condemnation people might have hoped for.

Kris Kobach, Trump’s immigration adviser during his campaign, was photographed last November holding documents about a national registry for Muslims as he went into a meeting with Trump.

When asked, Trump hasn’t denied this, and gave a collection of typically confusing answers, such as this one to an MSNBC reporter:

There should be a lot of systems. Beyond databases. I mean, we should have a lot of systems.

And people aren't exactly surprised:

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