Truck with pro-Trump stickers on it gets set on fire after being left at a bar

Truck with pro-Trump stickers on it gets set on fire after being left at a bar

We live in a moment in time where political divisions are stronger and more apparent than ever.

That's why bearing your political stripes is something that no one should be ashamed of, but it does come with some risks.

That's what one man in Vancouver, Washington, discovered on Monday after his car was destroyed for what he believes was his blatant support of Donald Trump.

Johnny MacKay had been drinking at the Garage Bar and Grille in the Pacific North West town and did the noble thing of getting an Uber home.

He left his truck at the bar, in a well-lit area, under the belief that no one would break into it as it was in an open space.

That didn't turn out to be the case as not only did someone tamper, but rather completely destroyed the truck by setting it on fire and smashing all the windows.

Speaking to KOIN6 he said:

All of a sudden I saw the tires were melted, the windows were shattered, and I was just in shock.

MacKay's truck had two pro-Trump stickers on the back bumper of the vehicle endorsing the president's election bid in 2020.

He now believes that the attack was down to his support of the outspoken commander-in-chief as there was an anti-Trump message spray-painted on to the side of the truck.

MacKay added that he doesn't vote but has since chosen to support Trump since he has been in the White House.

Footage shared on Twitter shows the truck engulfed in flames.

Randy Sanchagrin, who is a neighbour of the bar reported the fire to the authorities. He told KOIN:

All of a sudden I hear a loud bomb and the windows shake.

By the time I ran back to the street it was so bad there was no getting close to it.

A woman named Marissa, who claims to be MacKay's fiance also posted the images on Twitter, adding that she also believed that it was for the Trump stickers.

She has also set up a GoFundMe campaign to help buy him a new truck.

MacKay who reportedly works as an Uber driver said he regretted putting the stickers on the truck but he did have a message for the arsonist.

If I would’ve known somebody would’ve taken politics this far—I saw them, I thought they were funny and apparently somebody didn’t get the joke.

If you say anything that someone doesn't like you are ultimately a target. You're automatically the enemy and they have to hurt you.

(They) need help. Whether it was from drugs or a mental condition, this person needs to get help. If they blow up at this, who knows.


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