Remember in 2016 when we all thought the idea of Donald Trump becoming President was ridiculous?

Well, now it is 2018 and Mr Trump has been in the White House for just over a year and nothing has been the same since.

We've had multiple travel bans, terrifying white supremacist marches, threats of nuclear war, and allegations that a sitting president called certain countries sh**holes.

In the wake of these unpredictable political occurrences, we immediately start blaming the media or the internet and social media for keeping us locked in our own bubble.

That are just two factors, but there are other things that are a lot easier to influence that often contribute to these situations.

Canadian journalist Doug Saunders has put together a viral Twitter thread which takes an in-depth look at voting patterns in America and Canada, and how education and urbanisation has affected both nations when it comes to casting ballots.

Furthermore, he attempts to answer the question; "how can we stop another Trump from happening?"

He begins by referencing his article from The Globe and Mail from November 2016 on Trump and the problem of white extremism.

Saunders then goes on to look at two newer articles from his colleagues Michael Adams and Doug Norrisea on the rise of populism in Canada and the flaws of the US electoral system.

Finally, he references an article by Alex Usher which argues that Canada's education system is a great way to combat inequality, while also touching on the controversial election of the former Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford.

Food for thought.

HT Doug Saunders

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