44 per cent of Trump supporters believe he has already repealed Obamacare

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A new poll has discovered that 44 percent of Donald Trump supporters believe the President has already repealed Obamacare.

The Economist and YouGov asked 1500 American adults in December whether they believed the President had managed to adhere to one of his major campaign promises.

The results showed that 31 per cent of Americans thought that Obamacare had already been discontinued.

This figure went up to 44 per cent for those Americans who recognised themselves as Republicans, the party that Trump represents.

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If you haven't been keeping track of American political events in 2017 (we understand, there has been a lot of stuff going on) then we should inform you that Obamacare has definitely not been repealed.

The majority of Obamacare, or as it is technically known The Affordable Care Act is still in practice and is unlikely to go anywhere anytime soon.

However, there could be some cause for confusion, as one aspect of the bill has been successfully repealed. The Republicans' new tax bill did overhaul "the individual mandate" which required all Americans to have health care coverage or face a fine.

President Trump hardly helped the issue when he claimed to have wiped out Obamacare during a White House cabinet meeting.

The Hill quotes the President as saying:

When the individual mandate is being repealed, that means ObamaCare is being repealed.

We have essentially repealed ObamaCare and we will come up with something much better.

He also tweeted on 26 December that the act had "essentially" been repealed.

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