Obamacare vs Trumpcare has become the ultimate meme war

Twitter screengrab

House Republicans released the long-awaited plan to repeal and replace President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act on Monday.

The tax on people who don't purchase healthcare has been repealed, and the plan, unsurprisingly, benefits high income healthy people, to the detriment of the lower income and sick.

The replacement plan changes what benefits health insurance plans must cover and also changes what insurers can charge enrollees on the plan.

The plan will also end Medicaid expansion on 1 January 2020. States will however, be able to continue to enrolling people in the program.

It was met with criticism from those who value state-funded healthcare:

Twitter had a field day, obviously:

To be fair, Trump's healthcare is probably the most expensive to the taxpayer.

The approximate $10m US taxpayers have spent on his golf trips to Mar-a-Lago make for a pretty ineffective and costly exercise regime for one person.

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