Trump having a look at his wall at the Mexican border.
Trump having a look at his wall at the Mexican border.
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Donald Trump has proudly boasted about his border wall just days after it appeared to have collapsed after being hit by a hurricane.

Nobody asked him to, but POTUS ran to Twitter to let his followers know how well he believes the infamous wall on the southern borders of America is doing.

He even went as far as praising the wall, which he previously described as "big, beautiful", for reducing “illegal crossing”.

Someone should tell Trump that a global pandemic might have kept people a little too busy to be concerned about entering America.

His tweet was quickly met with scepticism and social media users pointing out everything wrong with his boasts.

One explained some major flaws with the wall if it was to cover all of USA:

Another rightly suggested that America, while dealing with the coronavirus crisis, might be the last place anyone would want to visit:

While a few reminded Trump of headlines from earlier this week:

This comes days after a section of Trump's border wall appeared to have collapsed after being battered by Hurricane Hanna.

Footage of what looks like part of Trump's border wall collapsing under the heavy winds went viral on social media after being shared by journalist Yadith Valdez, who has since deleted her version of the video, although alternative videos of the incident have been shared by a verified journalist.

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