People celebrate as moving trucks for Trump are spotted outside of the White House

People celebrate as moving trucks for Trump are spotted outside of the White House
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It’s really happening: it looks like Donald Trump and his family have started packing up their boxes in order to move out of the White House.

Whether this would even happen seemed so contentious at the end of 2020, but those waiting anxiously can be reassured with the latest pictures to come from his soon-to-be-former-home.

This comes after an abstract ‘sort of concession’ speech in the wake of last week’s Capitol Riots, where he did not name his successor Joe Biden. 

Correspondents and photographers were able to share what looks like huge amounts of boxes being placed into vans, as well as members of the administration leaving with their office supplies. It’s not confirmed whether these boxes will be moving the Trumps’ stuff, though.

The Trumps’ time in the White House was famously an uphill battle for some family members, with Melania stating her intentions to never live there from the start, and later going on to butcher expensive renovations.

Coming off the back of a (second) impeachment and a mass online exodus will be small recompense for his critics, who will be more than pleased to see the back of him.

It seems they have even gone to the trouble of removing the bust of Abraham Lincoln, which lead to a host of looting and yard sale jokes.

Before we get too carried away, it is likely that these ornaments are being placed in storage, leaving the Bidens to decide what to do with them when they move in.

If that wasn’t pleasing enough, signs for the upcoming inauguration have being set up, as revealed by CNN correspondent Kaitlan Collins:

The Trump’s better hope for a quick turnaround time after leaving it so last minute - there’s only five days to go until Biden is sworn in and the rocky transition of power ends.

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