@DrawingWhileBlk/Twitter screengrabs

#DrawingWhileBlack is an online movement to showcase the work of black illustrators, who are usually less visible in an industry dominated by white artists.

On the weekend of 15-17 September, #DrawingWhileBlack celebrated black artists, and challenged them share between two and four examples of their work, one image that was a representation of the artist themselves, and a short bio.

It was organised by Annabelle H, who is also the admin on the Twitter account @drawingwhileblk.

Annabelle gave her own example to lead off:

She explained on Twitter her thinking behind the campaign.

She also asked people not use the root 'drawingwhile' to segue into other topics.

In another tweet she stated she'd like to hold a #drawingwhileblack weekend annually, but also considered moving the date to Black History Month (February) in future years.

The campaign featured some amazing art, and many illustrators continued to share their work after the 'deadline' on the 17th.

At the end of the weekend Annabelle thanked the movement's supporters.

Find more illustrations at @drawingwhileblk or search Twitter and Instragram using the hashtag #drawingwhileblack.

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