Ed Sheeran saw that Beyoncé meme and gave a tongue-in-cheek response

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Ed Sheeran had a tongue-in-cheek response to critics who said he was dressed too casual while performing with Beyoncé.

An image of the two musicians went viral after some people pointed out that he was dressed in a simple shirt and jeans whilst Beyoncé was dressed in a bright fuchsia dress.

He wore a HOAXUKSINCE94 t-shirt.

The photo had launched a conversation online about the gender standards women face.

Others argued that Ed Sheeran's casual attire was indicative of a much bigger phenomenon: white privilege.

Sex Educator and writer Ericka Hart wrote an Instagram post about it: ‘Please note, Jay Z never performed alongside Beyoncé in running sneakers and a T-shirt. Even within hip hop culture, there is this anti-black classist notion that a basic look has to be tailored/high end connected to some obscure white label.

You have to consider the pressure to dress like this [like Beyoncé] all the time.

Lots of people waded into the debate, and some people argued that the picture wasn’t an example of gender standards at all – it merely showed two musicians with two very different professional images performing together.

Well, Ed Sheeran seems to have caught wind of furore surrounding the photo, and responded.

The 27-year-old went for humour rather than despair and posted an Instagram story featuring an image of the t-shirt he wore, alongside a purchase link. He later added:

Follow hoax1994 for more of my amazing fashion choices x. #dresstoimpress

The clothing company are of the same mind as Sheeran, and posted on its own Instagram feed:

‘There’s no shame wearing a HOAX T-shirt as worn by @teddysphotos back in stock for a limited time only. #DressToImpress.’

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