Elizabeth Banks made perhaps the most important point about the Brett Kavanaugh hearings

When responding to serious issues, there are sometimes common phrases or expressions that are frequently used.

One such expression, often used by men to humanise a women in crisis, is to refer to her as "someone's sister", "someone's daughter" or "someone's wife".

While this is obviously meant well, actress Elizabeth Banks has highlighted that it is also flawed. In response to the ongoing saga of Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the US Supreme Court, which has been blighted by sexual assault allegations, Banks tweeted:

Banks's tweet highlights that it can be dehumanising to always refer to a woman as "someone's". Can we not respect and support women without considering them in relation to someone else? Her caption read:

Not because she's someone's something. Because she is a human being

On Twitter, people have commended Banks for her intervention.

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