Twitter 'will do lots of dumb things' in coming months says Elon …

SpaceX, the spacecraft engineering and satellite communications company founded by Elon Musk, has reportedly bought an advertising package on Twitter.

Given Musk's involvement with both companies, people on Twitter questioned SpaceX's purchase, wondering if it was just to appease Musk.

Since Musk acquired Twitter in October, he has been looking for ways to make the social media platform more profitable.

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Already he has experimented with Twitter Blue, an $8 subscription service for users to obtain priority in replies and a verification check mark. However, the service did not work out.

Now, Musk is looking for ways to keep advertisers.

Comedian Rob Delaney compared SpaceX's advertising package purchase to helping out his son's disgusting lemonade stand.

"I just bought 40 cups of my massive son Garby's horrid lemonade because all the neighbors know he put boogers in it and I didn't want him to cry," Delaney wrote.

But according to Musk, the ad package for Starlink is "tiny" and going "to test effectiveness of Twitter advertising in Australia & Spain." Apparently, the company did the same for Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

Twitter, which relies heavily on advertising sales for revenue, has experienced a drop in advertisers as some have left the platform due to its volatility.

When Musk purchased the company he assured advertisers the platform would not become a "free for all hellscape" but it seems some are unconvinced.

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